/Asean Agreement Driving License

Asean Agreement Driving License

Holders of the driver`s licenses of a CONTRACTING PARTY are responsible for the penalties for infringement under the corresponding laws of any other CONTRACTING PARTY in the territory from which they drive. I think you can do it. All ASEAN citizens can freely use their driver`s license in ASEAN countries as long as your Drivinf driver`s licence is still valid. Thank you for your reply! Contracting parties agree to the recognition of all national driver`s licences, with the exception of temporary/temporary/apprenticeship driver`s licences issued by designated authorities or ASEAN national federations (hereafter referred to as “Driver`s Licences”). The nature and categories of licences issued in ASEAN countries are included in Schedules A, B, C, D, E and F for Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. Certificate models are also attached to Appendixes G, H, 1, J, K and L for Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Phlippine, Singapore and Thailand. So the citizens of Asean still have to get the Thai/international driver`s license in Thailand? I should point out that the agreement does not apply to Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Check to see if these countries are covered at a later date. I would like to remind you that ASEAN tourists can use their driver`s licenses in their home countries among the ASEAN countries.

I met when I went from Bangkok to the north and was stopped by the policeman at the Phrae checkpoint. He asked for my driver`s license and I showed him my Indonesian driver`s license. Then he took my license to his “guardian” and a few minutes later he told us to “drive safely” without many questions, not even worth asking for passport, visa or car registration book (car was renting). This is what happened in the first week of June 2019. CONSIDERING that it is desirable to facilitate the free movement of citizens of ASEAN countries by recognising national driver`s licenses issued by the countries concerned. My friend uses a Thai driver`s license when she`s in Malaysia. It is valid because the data is available in English. I understand that only licenses with information contained in their national and English scripts are acceptable. Recognition of driver`s licences does not exempt holders from the responsibility of guaranteeing the same driver`s licence and driving conditions as those in force in the country that issues this recognition. asean.org/?static_post=agreement-on-the-recognition-of-domestic-driving-licences-issued-by-asean-countries-kuala-lumpur-9-july-1985 I have been driving in Thailand for 25 years with my Malaysian driver`s license. No problem with the police.

But I also have an IDP that I use for rental cars if the right to insurance becomes chaotic without one.

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