/Fashion Design Agreement

Fashion Design Agreement

“intellectual property rights,” all industrial and intellectual property rights, including, but not limited, copyright, trademarks and designs; “project,” a design project associated with the DesignCrowd department; PandaTip: As a freelancer, you want to keep your legal terms short and in focus. These conditions cover the essential aspects of a project contract. This contract covers the transfer of rights to works created and submitted with the DesignCrowd Service. This contract is valid for you for any project that uses The DesignCrowd Service as a “customer” or “designer.” When a client chooses or approves a work for his project, the client and the designer enter into a legally binding agreement regarding this work under this agreement. (h) a reference to an agreement or document in this agreement or document is in the agreement or document valid, renewed, completed, varied or replaced, if applicable in accordance with this agreement or any other agreement or document; “user contract,” the agreement between DesignCrowd and the customer or DesignCrowd and Designer (if any), which regulates the use of the DesignCrowd service by the customer and the designer (if any); (a) as part of the designer portfolio on the DesignCrowd website and/or using DesignCrowd`s “Widget” on the DesignCrowd website to view the models submitted by the designers; and (m) Designer has not entered into agreements or agreements that may conflict with the terms of this act. “DesignCrowd Site,” www.designcrowd.com or any other replacement website associated with the DesignCrowd service; (g) a reference to a party to this agreement or to any other agreement or document that includes the successors and beneficiaries of the transfer of the party; 10.4 This agreement includes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to its purpose. (b) unless the book is submitted in reference to a project that the client has chosen as a “private” project, outside the DesignCrowd site in the designer design portfolio, in order to promote the design work of the designers. The “works” are drawings, works of art, photographs, texts, copies and other works submitted by a designer in conjunction with a project on the DesignCrowd website and selected as a “winning project” or approved by the client for this project. “confidential information,” information from a party relating to the purpose of this agreement, resulting from the use of the DesignCrowd service by the customer and the designer, or from the DesignCrowd website, which is not already available to the public without the recipient having breached its public confidentiality obligations; (b) The Client must comply with all applicable laws in the fulfilment of his rights and obligations under this Agreement. 10.2 All communications must be addressed in writing and to the relevant party at the address indicated under this Agreement. Conditions apply in our money refund policy.

(j) a reference to the conduct includes, without restriction, any omission, statement or undertaking, whether written or not. 11.1 Definitions In this agreement, unless the context requires something else: 10.1 This agreement is governed by the laws of New South Wales Australia and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts that have jurisdiction over it. (e) a reference to a person includes an entity, an entity without a legal personality or any other organization, and vice versa; “associated sites,” the other sites operated by DesignCrowd. “design service,” the service provided by DesignCrowd in accordance with the user agreement; (b) may, in your view, liquidate, compromise or terminate the measure; and 10.6 No delay, negligence or leniency of a party that imposes an obligation on this agreement against another party will affect, as a waiver or in any way, a right under this Agreement. (a) their affiliates, lawyers, accountants, insurers and accountants who require information for the purposes of this agreement; or 6.1 The client may decide, at his sole discretion, to take legal or other action against D

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