/Michigan Transfer Agreement Macomb Community College

Michigan Transfer Agreement Macomb Community College

The Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) is a national agreement that provides for the transmission of 30 semi-annual decrees to meet many (and, in some cases, all) general education requirements at Michigan`s four-year colleges and universities. A transfer student must be admitted to a receiving institution in order to benefit from this agreement. For more information on the transfer without MTA support, see EMU`s general education requirements and guidelines for general education transfer. Macomb is also home to the University Center, a unique transfer destination on the campus center in Clinton Township. It offers Macomb students and the community more than 60 programs through partnerships with 11 higher education institutions and universities that provide access to bachelor, master`s and doctoral programs at the higher level. MTA-approved courses can be found in these college catalogues. Read the table of materials in the latest version of the catalogue and search for the Michigan Transfer Agreement. RaiseMe – Earns college micro-scholarships for your benefits. For each benefit, you will receive scholarships from the colleges you receive when you go to that university. Michigan Transfer Network (MiTransfer) – Use this site to simply research how your credits are transferred to universities and universities. The Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) allows students to take general education courses at participating colleges and universities in Michigan. Students can complete the MTA as part of an associate degree or as a stand-alone set of Michigan institutions. These credits, certified by Michigan Community College, must be filled in the following distributions: We recommend that you start planning the transfer early in your academic career.

Contact a Macomb University Advisor at 586.445.7999, Option 2, to arrange an individual counselling appointment that will help you discover transfer resources and manage the transfer process. So plan to see an academic advisor to learn more about the transfer. It`s so simple! Mitransfer.org is the new michigan Transfer Network site. The Michigan Transfer Network allows students to search for equivalencies between Michigan colleges and universities. Mitransfer.org contains a lot of information for transfer to the state, including FAQs on transfer and links to individual community colleges with transfer information, including the MTA. A student may use the requirements of the articulation guide, which is effective at the time of the student`s first enrollment in a community school, or the requirements of a later articulation guide. If the student does not meet the study requirements within seven years, the student may be asked to have their credits assessed according to a guide or catalogue of more recent articulation agreements.

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