/Nfr Collaboration Agreement

Nfr Collaboration Agreement

For all projects involving partners, the project owner is required to sign cooperation agreements with the relevant partners no later than three months after the research board receives the contract documents. Research projects are classified as cooperative projects or order projects based on how they are funded and organized. However, if you are sure you can provide useful contributions to the project in the short term, you can still accept the requirement. It is recommended to take the time to discuss the rolling and responsible tasks as well as the financial aspects of your contribution. A letter of intent may be required as part of the project application, but detailed information about your role and responsibilities is not included in the partnership agreement, which does not have to be signed at the time of the project application. Normally, the total amount of the project budget is not changed after the project is adopted, so it is important that the total budget you propose for your project is in line with the requirements and expectations of you and your partners. For research projects funded by the Norwegian Research Council, the draft UiO contract or examples of agreements drawn up by the Norwegian Research Council are used. These elements will then be developed as part of a partnership agreement that legally governs future cooperation between the partners. For each partnership project, the proponent and project partner must terminate in accordance with the requirements of Section 7.7 of the Regulations. The partnership agreement provides the legal basis for cooperation with the project and includes provisions on the roles and responsibilities of the parties, financial provisions and much more. Here is a model for the partnership contract.

For more information on the partnership agreement, see Section 5.3 of the Bilateral Guideline. However, such an agreement is not yet necessary if you support the project. As a general rule, the project partner is not responsible for carrying out the project audits. Responsibility for audits rests with the audit authority of the recipient country. Active Civic Funds are responsible for audits as part of a financial and external compliance audit commissioned by the fund`s operator. A special obligation for the project partner should be specified in the partnership agreement. You can also accept the use of accounting books that may indicate the fees you incurred. Such accounting documents would be, for example.B.

an extract of extracts from the identification documents in your accounting relevant to the work of the project. For those who have separate project accounting modules in their accounting system, you can simply send project accounting for each period. According to some project partners, this method is considered less laborious. A combination of the above is also a possibility. It is recommended that you be as concrete as possible if you would describe it in the partnership agreement. The implementation of the project should be in accordance with the project contract and the partnership agreement. If this is not the case, you should first raise your concerns with the developer and try to reach an agreement with the promoter. Is it possible to reach a compromise that satisfies you both? If this is not the case, the program or fund operator can provide guidance for project implementation on the basis of the project contract. All research cooperation involving UiO is based on contracts. In the main rule, UiO contract templates are used whenever they are available.

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