/Tenancy Agreement Law In Kenya

Tenancy Agreement Law In Kenya

In some cases, it is usually available within 30 days of the end of a lease. If you move before the end of the contract, your landlord can wait until the lease expires before you pay the deposit. The duration of the repayment of the lease bond depends on what is stated in the lease. Be informed that no landlord can dislodge you, unless the rent court hears and decides the case definitively. -the law provides that if you walk for two months in a row without paying rent, the landlord can place an eviction announcement that will not be less than two months or as stated in the tenancy agreement (renter and tenant of the law) -the landlord can not block your house, he can only protect himself on your property for rents (Distress for Distress Act) All for now is friend , if you receive the notification, it must also set out the details and reasons for terminating the lease. If you have any doubts about the applicability of the law to your rental agreement, please contact the same legal counsel. This means that if a business owner is in possession of a lease that does not have a fixed term or does not give the contractor the option to terminate the contract by termination, the law allows the contractor to report it in reference to the period to which the rent must be paid. Therefore, if the rent is generally payable quarterly, the termination must be at least a quarter. If the rent is payable each year, a one-year period is sufficient. Some landlord and tenant disputes are placed in non-profit organizations or in the provincial administration office; However, the agreements are not binding in this area.

Kenya`s rent laws help avoid situations such as tenants harassment and vice versa. The simple answer to most of your questions is that you have to go through the terms of your lease. As a precaution, make sure that before renting some premises you are safe, the conditions you are related and make sure it is on paper! In order to avoid unnecessary inconvenience due to rental disputes, it is important that the tenant knows his rights in accordance with the law and the tenancy agreement he has signed.

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