/Visual Inspection Agreement

Visual Inspection Agreement

8. Any controversy or request between the parties resulting directly or indirectly from the interpretation of this agreement, the extent of the services provided by the inspector, the inspection report made available to the inspector by the inspector, or any other case relating to an act or omission in the context of this agreement or its promises, assurances or negotiations concerning the inspector`s duties below, is subject to arbitration procedure in accordance with the laws. All appeals are executed in Hamilton County, TN. If the client fails to maintain the law, the client is liable to the inspector for all costs, fees, fees and legal fees (on the basis of a lawyer and client) incurred by the inspector on a full indemnity basis, including reasonable fees for the time that the inspector`s staff devotes to the investigation, research, preparation and participation in court hearings. Unless the current legislation prohibits it, claims must be filed within six (6) months (180 days) from the date of the inspection. The inspector is not responsible for claims that are claimed more than six (6) months (180 days) after the date of the inspection. 2. Unless this or that agreement is incompatible or possible, INSPECTOR undertakes to carry out the inspection in accordance with the current standards of practice of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (“InterNACHI”), published on www.nachi.org/sop.htm. Although INSPECTOR agrees to follow InterNACHI`s practical standards, client is aware that these standards contain restrictions, exceptions and exclusions. CLIENT understands that InterNACHI is not a party to the agreement and has no control over INSPECTOR or THE representations of INSPECTOR and does not control INSPECTOR.

Unless otherwise stated below, the CLIENT understands that INSPECTORATE does NOT test the presence of radon – a colourless, odourless radioactive gas that can be harmful to humans. Unless otherwise stated below, the CLIENT understands that INSPECTOR is NOT tested for mold. Unless there is any further indication in a separate policy, THE CLIENT is aware that INSPECTORATE will not verify compliance with applicable building rules or the presence of potential risks related to asbestos, lead paint, formaldehyde, mold, soil contamination and other environmental risks or other offences. 5. INSPECTOR does not perform engineering tasks, architecture, remediation or other tasks requiring a professional permit in the country where the inspection takes place, unless the inspector holds a valid professional licence, in which case he can inform the CLIENT that he has that licence and is therefore qualified to go beyond this basic domestic inspection and carry out, for a fee, additional inspections beyond those carried out in the context of the basic inspection. Each agreement on these additional inspections is separate. 10. If the CLIENT requests a new inspection, the new inspection is subject to all the conditions set out in this agreement. Inspection fees are based on a single visit to the accommodation.

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