/2015 Agreement Iran

2015 Agreement Iran

The final agreement is based on (and supporting) “the rules-based non-proliferation regime established by the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), including, in particular, the IAEA protection system.” [62] The United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) group rejected the agreement and committed to spend more than $20 million on a “national television, radio, print and digital campaign” against the agreement. [207] [220] After UANI announced its opposition, the group`s president and co-founder, non-proliferation expert Gary Samore, announced that he had concluded “in the interest of the United States” and supported the agreement. [207] Samore resigned as president and was replaced by former Senator Joseph I. Lieberman. [221] Until August 20, UANI had issued its third national television ad against the agreement. [220] On July 15, 2015, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power distributed a 14-page draft to Council members. [148] On 20 July 2015, the Security Council approved UN Security Council Resolution 2231[157] by 15 votes to 0. [150] The resolution delayed its official implementation by 90 days to allow for a review by the U.S. Congress under the Iran Agreement Agreement Act 2015.

[149] The resolution specifies the measures taken to lift sanctions imposed by seven previous Security Council resolutions, while maintaining an arms embargo and the ban on ballistic technology. [147] [150] The resolution did not affect the sanctions imposed separately by the United States and the European Union. [150] It also codified the “snapback” mechanism of the agreement, under which all Security Council sanctions are automatically re-elected in the event of a violation of the agreement by Iran. [147] On August 25, 2015, a group of 53 Christian leaders of different faiths sent a message to Congress inviting them to support the agreement. [262] The Christian leaders wrote: “This is a moment to recall the wisdom of Jesus who, in the sermon of the Mountain, said: “Blessed are the artisans of peace, for they will be called children of God” (Matthew 5:9). … There is no doubt that we are better off with this agreement than without it. [262] The letter was coordinated by a group of Quakers, the Friends Committee on National Legislation. [262] Among the signatories of this letter was Jim Wallis of Sojourners; John C.

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