/Evicting A Tenant In Ontario With No Rental Agreement

Evicting A Tenant In Ontario With No Rental Agreement

Hello Betty: Whether an adjournment is granted or not, it is at the discretion of the warrant officer. There is no “right” to adjourn, but there is also no right to proceed with a scheduled case. The process of hearing a case refers to the owner`s procedures and rental costs and the warrant officer has the final say on the trial. While the Warrant Officer is instructed by the RTA to use the most complex method (see section 183 RTA) to determine an issue, this direction is also limited by the rules of natural justice. A postponement may be justified by the inability of a party to be ready, the need to keep advice, for disclosure, etc. etc. In your situation, the Warrant Officer has probably heard a dispute over whether the case should be postponed (the owner`s position) or whether it should be pursued (your position). The judge decided to postpone. I take note of your previous comments and wonder if the app service was a problem? Was the deferral granted due to non-regular service? Whether your late costs are subject to recovery depends on whether the adjournment was granted because of what you did (or did not). Costs are something that can be argued at the end of a procedure. With respect to deferral costs, you should have charged a fee during the oral procedure.

The Warrant Officer could have awarded the fees, withhold the fees or, on the other hand, reserved the fees until the end of the proceedings. If the issue of costs has not been addressed at all, there is nothing to prevent you from raising them at the end of the hearing (assuming you win), but it is unlikely that a warrant officer will take these fees into account in the registration without referring to those costs. As for other things to do— the warrant officer gave any disclosure or did he make any other orders? If so, respect for this probability is a prerequisite for the case to continue next time. Have you received an order requiring the owner to reveal his evidence? If this is not the case, you should consider writing a letter to The Paralegalen (keep a copy and send it in a way that you can prove on delivery) to request a copy of all the evidence that the lessor wishes to use during the oral procedure (if you do not get it — You may object to the reporting of this evidence during the oral procedure or request an adjournment.

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