/Maybank Cms Agreement Resolution

Maybank Cms Agreement Resolution

Maybank Cash Management offers a full range of cash management solutions, including information management, liability management, debt management and cash management. Below are the outstanding features of our robust rc: our award-winning solutions are available to all customers, from small businesses to large multinational companies. Our cash management solutions include:Information ManagementOur information management solutions allow you to immediately access your banking information. Here you can view a consolidated global view of your cash positions at any time and anywhere, maximize your cash flow and make quick financial decisions if necessary. We can also provide you with the bank accounts of several banks via the SWIFT messaging format (view your account balances with other banks) in one platform. Payable ManagementWe have a wide range of payment methods for you to launch all types of payments. You can decide whether your payments are executed in real time, in batches or as expected through our highly secure and efficient channels. With our innovative credit management solutions, you quickly benefit from improved efficiency and cost savings. Debt Management Whether your collections are manual or electronic, we are able to write a report in a timely and detailed manner to facilitate your vote. Our solutions help reduce our branch traffic and eliminate a number of manual processes so you can re-inject your resources to focus on larger day-to-day operations. Even your debtors will find it convenient to pay you. Liquidity Management It is often a difficult task to manage the timely placement of surplus funds due to downtime.

With the flow of incoming funds and outgoing payments, it becomes difficult to find the appropriate amount for intermediation. But with customizable liquidity management solutions, you can now automatically maximize the return on interest on your unused funds. You can also automate account transfer between your work accounts to meet your operational needs, reduce interest and free up valuable human resources. Maybank is the first Malaysian bank to bring to market a genuine regional cash management system, Maybank2E-Regional Cash (RC), which promises a seamless gateway in 10 ASEAN countries and Greater China.

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